March Recap

Our March Meeting was fun AND informative!

We started off the meeting looking requesting a volunteer to be the 2017 Raffle Coordinator. Our coordinators learned a lot raffling our 2016 charity quilt and have a lot of information to pass on! This year’s raffle will be much easier and much less stressful! If you are interested, please email us.

Rhonda answered quite a few questions about the upcoming North Texas Quilt Festival, those FAQs can be found in our North Texas Quilt Festival section. Block off that weekend to attend and volunteer!

Heather Pregger was our guest and she is a wealth of information about entering a quilt show! She went over her keys to success centering around the rules of the show. Reading the rules before entering a quilt can save a lot of heartbreak and help win prizes in the long run! Additionally, preparing your quilt to be entered is just one thing specified in the rules. Rules on where to place the label, information that needs to be on the label, and type of sleeve for the back are all covered and can differ depending on the show. Heather also showed examples of her quilts and went over how she sews her quilt sleeves on. Quilt sleeves should measure the width of the quilt minus 2 inches and be centered on the back.

Cathie Devenney, Jill Freer and Donna Thornton shared their progress on the Vintage Quilt Revival BOM. They are doing a great job!!

We also have quite a few members showing off their work in show and share! As usual we were blown away by the talent of our members and guests!

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