June Recap

Our June meeting kicked off on June 15, 2017 with a charity progress report. In June we had 10 totes, 4 nap mats, 5 ACH pillowcases, 4 Cook Children’s pillowcases, and 4 heart blocks turned in. Safe Haven also let us know, they would like to feature our organization in an upcoming newsletter. Additionally, as our time commitment had passed, we would not be collecting pillowcases for ACH.

Planning for the Nort Texas Quilt Festival was still in full swing, with the announcement that Libs Elliott had designed cover artwork for our notebooks to sell. We also had several mini quilts turned in and volunteers sign up!

After the Quilt Show business was taken care of, our own Denee’ Nelson took center stage to teach us about sewing machine maintenance. She had several machines from various time periods and complexities on display as examples. She gave out prizes of brushes and pipe cleaners to show us how to use them to clean and a needle as an example of how the needle operates within the machine. A good sharp needle is important for the stitching function to operate properly. She let us know that machines with a computer are best only cleaned under the needle plate and never with canned air, so as not to damage the computer. Save any computer work or extensive servicing to experts. After this presentation everyone was ready to go home and get all the lint out of their machines!

Finally, we had some wonderful works of quilty art on display for Show and Share!

Aren’t our members SEW talented??

Look at all those mini quilts ready to be sold at auction!

More mini quilts and a rose almost ready for show!

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