August Recap

We started the meeting off with our membership and treasurer reports. We had no new members this month, but hoped this would change after the festival! Our treasurer report was included in this month’s newsletter to keep members informed on the running of the guild. Our ending balance this month was $5,938.47. After the festival we also hoped this would go up so we could bring in more speakers and workshops!

As you can tell already, the main focus of the business for this meeting was the North Texas Quilt Festival. Festival tickets were still for sale and we got the rundown of the turning in and picking up show quilts. We wanted this show to be as streamlined and stress free as possible! We also got directions of where to report to volunteer, and reminded everyone of the volunteer meeting after the regular meeting.

After the business, we took a break to “Zen” and work on our creativity! Jaye Dodds was nice enough to teach us Zendoodling. We started off this relaxing activity with getting to know tools for this exercise. We passed out our paper, and took out our micron pens and regular pencils. Jaye was nice enough to pass around her notebooks of all her doodles incorporating different colors and motifs. We practiced a basket weave, flower pattern and other common doodles to incorporate into drawings and…Quilting! The only rule that Jaye had was – no erasing! The purpose is to get lost in the creativity and not getting bogged down by it being perfect. Perfect timing for taking a zendoodling break!

With our new found calm, we decided to show off some member projects!

Our dear president showing off with one of the first quilt projects she started (we won’t say how many years ago) now finished and ready to snuggle with! Trish also had to show off this bag that Jeanne also made as a gift to her!

Cathie showing off her latest projects! Aren’t they adorable?! Debbie had us in knots over her latest finished quilt!

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